be one solutions Completes Impressive 2018 Global Summit Tour

07 五月 2018

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Wrapping it all up in Orlando at the 3rd of 3 SAP SMB Innovation Summits this year!

We brought out 8 to Ho Chi Minh, hit the floor with 10 in Barcelona and now, just recently ended this year’s summit tour with 9 of our global staff of SAP Business One® experts in Orlando, USA. We did break our own record, averaging 9 people per event site, that’s 2 more than last year. Why do we do that? Because for us it is absolutely critical to understand the very last and latest detail about SAP Business One® and the roadmap, being close to our strong partner SAP, chat with existing and potential customers alike and also embrace the relationship with fellow Value Added Resellers around the planet.

The final stop of the 2018 global summit tour took place from April 18 – April 20 at Caribe Royale All-Suite Hotel and Convention Center in Orlando. Indeed, the US marked a great finish of our journey – a get together across all of the Americas on our side, as we had our guys from Brazil over, plus be one solutions USA and Mexico, of course. Not to forget, we also hauled in some “European input”. We covered all areas & hierarchies and showed up with Consulting, Development, Sales & Marketing all the way to Regional & Top Management. And you bet, Uzi Halfon (CEO and Founder) made the trip to the Sunshine State as well – he by the way attended all summits back to back. Uzi told us: “Wrapping up the SAP Business One® summits in Florida was FANTASTIC… what SAP does with these get-togethers is just amazing! Thank you so much for this showcase. be one solutions has been and will be a proud part of this – we have to, because we care for our customers and their solutions!”  

Check out some “Magic Orlando Moments” in our image gallery – CLICK HERE!

As the summits are coming to an end this time around, we can say we gave it our all and it paid right back. During all three occasions, we learned a lot, got a first-hand look at the latest features and functions of SAP Business One® and we also took the chance to contribute by telling our story. Networking was perfect and so was the atmosphere – Ho Chi Minh City, Barcelona, Orlando, you treated us GREAT. Thanks a bunch and we’ll come back very soon!

By the way, just in case you missed it, make sure to watch our wrap-up videos for 2018 SMB Innovation Summit Ho Chi Minh & Barcelona:

© 2018 by be one solutions | #SAPBusinessOne #beonesolutions #globalrollout

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