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31 五月 2018

Marketing & be one solutions Japan K.K. | #SAPBusinessOne #beonesolutions #globalrollout

All Aboard the Marketing Express, First Stop: Tokyo, Japan!

What a whirlwind last week was for Marketing! A week with many ground-breaking moments for a small but growingly mighty team. Alex Wick, Global Marketing Manager, and Emelda Then, Global Marketing Assistant, were sent out to Tokyo, Japan two weeks ago to rollout a marketing pipeline for our Japanese team—which has long been a powerhouse for be one solutions indeed.

Ryotaro Nakamura (Head of SAP Business One® at SAP Japan) with Alex Wick (Global Marketing Manager at be one solutions) and Emelda Then (Global Marketing Assistant at be one solutions) | #SAPBusinessOne #beonesolutions #globalrollout

We began our ‘mission’ right off the bat the next day after arrival, spoke with Ryotaro Nakamura (Head of SAP Business One® at SAP Japan), gained as much information as we could from him on how to structure our new and upcoming website, how to customize it for our Japanese viewers, search engine optimization possibilities in Japan, and events for the remainder of the year to boost sales and leads in the region. It was crucial for us to pinpoint what needed to be highlighted to make be one solutions stand out in Japan. After all, we have all the parts we need to make this ‘machine’ run—be it skillset, solution, or customer references—what is needed is the right instruction manual to set up the right image on Japanese soil. Following this experience in Tokyo and the acquaintances we were fortunate enough to meet, we are confident to say that we are now ready to put our next foot forward.

But fret not! It wasn’t all work and no play, from the very first day, the usual hospitality of our Japanese team completely blew us away! Whether it was the familiarly delicious taste of the sake, or the first-time excitement (attached with a tinge of fear) from eating a deadly and poisonous fish—the blowfish—you can be sure it was not a mundane trip for either of us.

After many meetings with SAP, their marketing influencers and a potential marketing agency we’re looking forward to work with in the near future, the trip was certainly a success and left us with an incredibly positive outlook for Japan. Many technicalities were discussed on this trip, all of which our internal team will slowly but surely notice and discover with time, but as emphasized by one of the marketing heads from SAP, marketing is a process of trial and error. But we’ve got be one solutions covered because fortunately, our marketing team isn’t afraid of trying and failing.

Lastly, we’d on behalf of marketing, we’d like to thank the Japanese team for all their hospitality, warmth, and incredibly professional support. Your continuous cooperation is vital and much appreciated by all of us at Marketing!  By the way, check out more impressions right here: STRATEGIC MARKETING MEETING (JAPAN) | IMAGE GALLERY

We’re taking be one solutions places, stay tuned right here for further updates!

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