be one solutions’ SAPPHIRE 2018 Success

19 六月 2018

SAPPHIRE 2018 SUCCESS | © 2018 by be one solutions | #SAPBusinessOne #beonesolutions #globalrollout

We’re back from Orlando – watch our event wrap up now!!!

Oh boy, it’s a wrap! And once again, SAPPHIRE NOW + ASUG Annual Conference has kicked it up at least ten notches in terms of attendance, industry news & innovation, networking opportunities and most definitely when it comes to the show factor. As a matter of fact, Bill McDermott (CEO at SAP SE) summed it up like this: “We have millions of participants this year – in person and online. And I can tell you, this is officially the biggest SAPPHIRE of all times, by a lot!”. If you are thinking this is all talk, we agree that in many other cases, hearing “biggest & best” over and over again seems like it might get stale pretty quickly – not if it comes from SAP though. Here it’s a fact, Bill’s right, this is the real deal. Trust us, if you haven’t seen it in person, please do yourself a big favor and consider heading over to Florida next year. You just have to witness it firsthand to fully get the picture. Meanwhile, let us treat you with some exclusive insights: Check out our first row impressions from an amazing time at the Orange County Convention Center (OCCC) in Orlando two weeks ago. Here is the official be one solutions’ SAPPHIRE wrap up…

If you want a quiet experience, SAPPHIRE is not for you, indeed. Think 22k+ people stampeding the floor, 500+ signals to your brain per second. Think ASUG affiliates, SAP staff from all departments, top level down to individual product representatives, think existing ECC, R3 & S/4HANA clients and most importantly for us, think endless subsidiary potential. We are aiming for exactly that clientele, those big name organizations that come to the Sunshine State in bulks – by the way, this might be the only place in the world where you have a good chance of sharing a lunch table with the CEO’s of Adidas and Costco, or Bill McDermott himself accompanied by Jon Bon Jovi & Hasso Plattner. Impossible is nothing at SAPPHIRE NOW + ASUG Annual Conference – that’s why we at be one solutions give it our all to make a bold statement every time we go. And we are proud to say we did do it again this year.

Martin Schnyder (Business Manager at Baumer Group), Uzi Halfon (Founder & CEO), Mario Rui Candido (Regional Manager Americas) & Alex Wick (Global Marketing Manager) came, saw and contributed. Literally! From day one at the SAP’s Global Partner Summit, where Mario was part of a panel discussion all the way to the very last day when we were able to leave a huge footprint during Martin Schnyder’s session, where he was presenting SAP Business One® and Baumer Group’s successful partnership with be one solutions as their preferred global supplier. After all, we are the one-stop-shop experts for world-spanning SAP Business One® rollouts for large, multinational enterprises. We feel like we have earned our right to be highly visible out there at the biggest and best show in the world – many tell us so. Still in doubt? Again, come around next year and check out SAPPHIRE…and check us out, of course!

© 2018 by be one solutions | #SAPBusinessOne #beonesolutions #globalrollout

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be one solutions is a global SAP partner specializing in two-tier ERP strategies, world- spanning blueprints, implementations and support for SAP Business One®. Our well-rounded solution for large enterprises and small subsidiaries includes core SAP Business One®, specialized functional add-ons, integration to/from SAP ECC, S/4HANA and other systems, and country-specific add-ons (legal & local requirements). We have delivered successful implementations in 55+ countries and 300+ sites, guarantying a reputation as a proven and trusted leader in the market. With legal entities in Switzerland, Germany, France, Hong-Kong, Japan, China, Brazil, USA, Sweden, Singapore, Mexico and a number of further regional offices, we have a solid base in 20 locations around the world. Thus, we are strategically positioned to support all global SAP Business One® rollout requirements.
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