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01 五月 2018

EVENT IMPRESSIONS SINGAPORE | #SAPBusinessOne #beonesolutions #globalrollout

Wrapping up an extremely successful ERP event held on April 12 by be one solutions Singapore!

Coined the “Switzerland of Asia”, many have claimed that Singapore, a country home to multiple national languages, and a melting pot for diversity, was a perfect geographic location to kick-off our series of ERP Seminar events within Asia. This diversity, in addition to the great impact Singapore holds within Asia proved that Olli Kylanpaa, our Regional Director for APAC, couldn’t have chosen a better location to boost company’s APAC reputation. But take a look for yourself…

Overall, the event, targeted at helping C-level individuals—CIO’s, CFO’s, CEO’s, etc.—maximize their ERP budget, was a ground-breaking success! This event was all about sharing be one solutions’ years of expertise in implementing top ERP solutions for headquarters and their subsidiaries around the world, and boy did we do just that! Held at the luxurious Marriot Tang Plaza Hotel in sunny Singapore, our Singapore team, assisted by our Marketing team, decked out an entire suite on the second level of the hotel with newly designed banners, flags, and other small decorative corporate knick-knacks. The site was complete with five grand dining tables—comfortable squeezing in an overly-anticipated 39 guests, breaking our target goal of 30. Guests were greeted with welcome packets containing our brand-new, ever more in-depth 6-page company brochure, and ushered to their front row seats ready to learn more on how to obtain a cost-efficient IT environment with advanced two-tier ERP architecture.

Our very own Olli, Annie Ho, Regional Sales Manager of APAC, and Jasmine Lee, Project Manager, took to the stage (very boldly if I do say so myself) to speak on global rollouts, two-tier ERP, Intercompany, be one solutions’ extensive background, and our gold-standard approach. The event was also graced by guest Eddy Chan, Senior Manager of Lord Corporation, who shared on his wonderful customer experience working with be one solutions. Not to forget Herald Battran, Head of Consultant and Solutions at Cloud Comrade, who as we promised, was there to give an incredibly dynamic presentation on Cloud Platforms.

And then the best part: feasting and networking, but mostly feasting…having fed our guests with ‘ERP talk’ for most of the morning, they were now ready to be fed very literally! But as always, we at be one solutions are always prepared to put our best foot forward in all we do, so dining was no exception. With an impeccable 6-course Chinese fine dining experience awaiting our guests upstairs, we certainly fed their bellies as well as we did their minds. 🙂

Overall, the event was a giant success and the conclusion of it proved to be an innovative and pioneering moment for the APAC team but also the greater company. Having set this precedent, we are so very confident that there will be more and greater similar events to come all over Asia in the near future, and hopefully all over Europe and the Americas soon after that! To boosting the be one solutions name one continent at a time!

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