Spotlight on Success at DSAG-Jahreskongress 2018

24 October 2018

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A prime example of a great global 2-tier ERP strategy by Baumer Group & be one solutions!

We don’t have to stress the importance of being close to every single user of our product and services. SAP’s User Groups around the world are the perfect platform to do just that. Now, if we add that the German version, the Deutschsprachige SAP-Anwendergruppe (DSAG) is one of the biggest local institution in that regard, you understand our presence at the completely booked out DSAG-Jahreskongress 2018 in Leipzig/Germany last week was mandatory. And not only did Rainer Vischer (Founder & Vice President) and Alex Wick (Global Marketing Manager) make their way eastwards, we also flew in Martin Schnyder (Business Manager Baumer Group) from Switzerland to share his experience with SAP Business One® and be one solutions as the global SAP Business One® rollout experts.

As a matter of fact, if we had to describe an exceptional case of project success combined with phenomenal relations on all levels, “Baumer Group” would be one of the first answers. Those past years of cooperation with the Switzerland based sensor technology leader have resulted in quite a story to tell. That’s why earlier this year we already asked Martin to share that story at SAPPHIRE NOW + ASUG Annual Conference. With great success we may add. So we simply tweaked & repeated the entire thing at DSAG-Jahreskongress 2018 in Leipzig/Germany. But, why don’t we just let Martin tell you first-hand about their 2-Tier ERP journey with SAP Business One®. Here are both speeches again, full length & packed with a whole lot of insights you might find valuable for your own operations. Take a look!


Martin on stage @ Sapphire NOW + ASUG Annual Conference 2018 [ENGLISH, 21min]


Martin on stage @ DSAG-Jahreskongress 2018 [GERMAN, 23min]

>>DOWNLOAD Martin’s corresponding slide decks for your convenience!

Martin’s SAPPHIRE NOW + ASUG Annual Conference 2018 slides (.pdf | ENGLISH)

Martin’s DSAG-Jahreskongress 2018 slides (.pdf | GERMAN)

Well, what can we say, ASUG Conference in Orlando was great, and the DSAG event in Leipzig truly put the icing on the cake for us. After all, those user group gatherings are meant to be “by users for users” – Martin met that key requirement dead on, just as we were able to meet Baumer’s global requirements to start out with. Baumer Group & be one solutions work hand in hand and at the end of the day, we bring in the harvest together. Those tasty crops that are based on extremely healthy grounds and superior efforts dedicated to reach an ultimate goal: User happiness. Trust us, in this as in many other cases, all involved are happy, whether it is the client side, SAP or us. Thank you Baumer Group, thank you Martin – you guys won’t need a sensor to feel our sincerest appreciation for your trust and these terrific testimonials!

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